Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What kind of home time can I expect?
ANSWER: Generally, you receive one day off for each week out. We know that home time is extremely important for over-the-road drivers. You will be assigned a Driver Manager who will work with you to ensure your success, including getting you home. You can expect 2-3 weeks out for 11 Western Division & 3-4 weeks out for the 48 State Refrigerated Division.

QUESTION: Does MTC offer a rider policy?
ANSWER: Yes. May Trucking Company's rider policy allows you to take a rider for a specified period of time. You are eligible to take a rider as soon as you solo out.

QUESTION: What kind of benefits does May Trucking Company offer?
ANSWER: MTC offers all company drivers the ability to participate in a comprehensive, affordable medical, dental, life, and prescription insurance plan 60 days after hire. In addition, retirement (401(k)) participation is offered with a company match after 6 months of employment.

QUESTION: What is MTC's pet policy?
ANSWER: A pet policy is available. Conditions do apply. Please ask your recruiter for details.

QUESTION: Does May Trucking Company really care about its drivers?
ANSWER: Drivers are the backbone of May Trucking Company. We never forget that our success as an organization depends upon your success, and we work hard to ensure that our drivers' needs are met. At May Trucking Company you are a person, not just a number. Respect and understanding are key to all our interactions.

QUESTION: What if my driving record isn't perfect?
ANSWER: May Trucking Company reviews all motor vehicle records for each driver applicant on a case-by-case basis.

QUESTION: If I have a felony conviction will I still qualify to drive for May Trucking Company?
ANSWER: Each felony conviction is reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

QUESTION: I have a driving under the influence conviction. Will this keep me from being qualified?
ANSWER: A driving under the influence conviction must be at least five years old.

QUESTION: What if I have been convicted of a crime involving drugs? Will this keep me from being qualified?
ANSWER: All convictions are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

QUESTION: I am a professional driver; will I be treated like one at May Trucking Company?
ANSWER: Absolutely. May Trucking Company recognizes that not all drivers have the same needs. Some drivers require more management and support than others. At May Trucking Company you determine the level of support you need. For those drivers who require more hands-on management, May Trucking Company will provide all the time and tools to ensure your success. Those drivers who prefer a more hands-off approach to get the job done are given the freedom to do so.