Going Green

Leading the industry in innovative solutions!

May Trucking Company is committed to environmental stewardship. While transportation is not considered an environmentally friendly industry, May Trucking Company continues to engage in extensive projects to improve the environmental impact of tractors and trailers, as well as company facilities.

Engine efficiencies, bio-fuels, tractor and trailer aerodynamics, wide-based low resistance tires, efficient LED lighting, post-consumer waste recycling, idle reduction, in-cab heaters, and emission reductions are just some of the ventures May Trucking Company engages in for a better, greener world.

Proud Member of the SmartWay Transport Partners since 2005

Our fleet is certified by the California Air Resources Board as having Certified Clean Idle trucks.

We have been recognized by the EPA as one of the most environmentally green trucking companies in America by protecting the environment, incorporating sustainability, and reducing pollution.